Dissertation in English

If you decide to publish your doctoral or master’s thesis abroad, then you will need to write it in English. Many wonder how best to do. Namely, write it in your native language, and then translate it into English, or immediately write a dissertation in English.

If you write your work in a good laboratory with the experience of publishing abroad, then you should have no problems, as one employee will help to correct the thesis, another will translate, and the supervisor will immediately be able to look at the work and make the necessary corrections . But such cases are very rare in our time, which is why in this article, we will consider a more typical case when no one wants to help you in writing a dissertation in English.

In such cases, the majority, writes a dissertation in his mother tongue, after which he carries out work to a professional translator. If you want to do this, then before you carry your work to the translator, make your own, albeit not an exact translation variant. He will help the translator to better understand the terms. When you pick up a ready translation, edit the terms yourself in it. Although you know English worse than a translator, but you are a professional in your field, and who, no matter how you know, how a particular term is translated correctly. But in cooperation with a professional translator there is one drawback, it costs a lot of money.

As if it did not develop there, try to write your dissertation right in English. After all, even a poorly written text in English is easier to turn into a good one than one written in another language.

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